Staff Bios

Dameron Communications Team Members:

Dameron Communications has the depth of experience to solve your public relations needs.

Carl M. Dameron – Founder and Creative Director

Carl M. Dameron is a public relations and advertising expert with more than 30 years of success serving California companies, governments and non-profits.  He has won awards, support for projects, customers, and media coverage with the most prestigious and popular media outlets, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Public/Government/Community/Development/Relations Proficiencies

Development, implementation and management of strategic plans and programs to achieve the clients’ goals.   Oversee the community organizing campaign including development, training and implementation of clients’ programs.   Conduct policy advocacy activities regarding development, construction, education, entertainment, environment and public health policy issues.   Implement program evaluation activities and prepare written and oral reports for various purposes.   Serve as the primary spokesperson for the community campaigns to boards, media, business and community leaders, other organizations, elected officials and government agency representatives.   Direct and supervise staff, and work cooperatively with partners to meet the project’s administrative and budget requirements.  Oversee educational campaigns including developing written materials, training sessions and media outreach to raise public awareness.   Issues have included:  construction, development, education, environmental issues, DBE/WBE/MBE/DVBE small business Outreach and Public Information, burning tires as fuel, the State of California Health Insurance programs, education and health care.


Dr. G. Gary Manross – Research, PR, Advertising, Communications Management

A behavioral scientist, G. Gary Manross, Ph.D., has more than 25 years’ experience as a consultant in political communications, marketing communications, and communications management; in addition to applied research (policy research, political research, and marketing research).

Prior to founding SRI, Dr. Manross held executive-level positions with two Fortune 500 companies, as well as with the largest state trade association in America, the California Association of Realtors®, and the largest public relations agency in the world, Hill & Knowlton, Inc. He began his career as Business Editor for a metropolitan daily newspaper.


John K. Bender

John is a skilled writer, editor and manager experienced with print and online media, nonprofit groups, special projects, community relations, and elections with more than 20 years in the industry.

He helped guide the San Bernardino terror attack coverage. The news team was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. John is an expert at helping writers communicate complex information into clear, concise written reports. His ability to quickly assess situations and prioritize responsibilities makes him an asset in any public relations campaign.


Cheryl R. Brown

Cheryl is a former Assemblywoman, publisher, small business owner and current California State Commissioner on Aging who has devoted the majority of her life on public service.

She has been recognized by countless local, state and national organizations for her work on behalf of the community in various capacities as an elected official and community volunteer.

Prior to being elected to the Assembly, she was a newspaper publisher.


Elijah E. Ford

Elijah has over 15 year in the visual information industry. He is experienced with the Adobe suite of programs and traditional paint, brush and canvas. In addition, he has taught art classes and understands what it means to use the imagination to make a statement.

He is creative and produces websites, logos and advertisements. Other skills include video editing, screen printing, and graphic design.

Ford’s multi-disciplined career has prepared him to deliver and understand the wants and needs of the customer.


Valda G. Wilson

An experienced public information specialist and professional photographer with acquired skills in communications, journalism, photography, leadership and team building during 23-year Air Force career. Traveled extensively to 5 continents, 24 countries, and numerous locations in the U.S. and gained experience in fast-paced environments and adapted well to changing and evolving situations. Seasoned communications leader well-versed in media. Skilled in pitching stories and engaging media to promote specific talking points. Worked with Hollywood’s elite on several Air Force centric productions, built communication plans and oversaw strategies and tactics to achieve specified outcomes.

California State University San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA Bachelor of Arts: Painting


Jerry McGowan – Operations, Training, Government Relations

A training and operations management professional with 30+ years of USAF training leadership. He also is ghostwriter for books, screenplays and presentations.  He is talented and detailed communications professional


Christopher Sloan – Photographer

15 years journalist photographic experience in with hundreds of photos published in Southern California publications. A communications professional with advanced social media skills and more than 12 years’ experience creating and implementing many successful social media campaigns


Damon Britain – Videographer

A video and fill production veteran with, more than 20 years of video production and editing experience, producing a variety of quality award winning videos for local, national, and international clients. Trained in Hollywood video production.


RJ Robinson – Web Development

An actual IT professional with more than 25 years’ experience in web development, social media and computer programing. He works with State of California University campuses as well as Southern California business leaders.


Shanna Bowen – Social Media

A social media expert with more than 10 years’ experience creating and implementing many successful social media campaigns