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Rialto Resident Running for San Bernardino County Education Board

Corey Jackson, a former Rialto School District and California State University governing board member, is running for the San Bernardino County Board of Education – Area D.

Corey Jackson makes announcement:

With the encouragement of people from around the county, and with the support of my family and close friends, I am announcing my candidacy for the County Board of Education-Area D, in a bid to represent the people of the Rialto and San Bernardino Unified School Districts in 2010.

Education has been very important throughout my adult life.

I am a product of county schools. I graduated from Rialto High School.  I had the honor of serving on the Rialto Unified School District School Board of Education and on the California State University Board of Trustees representing more than 500,000 students in the State of California. I currently work in the education field as a specialist to increase access to preschool education for all children.

I have the experience, passion and love for my community to fight for the resources our school districts need to improve the education of our children.

Preschool, Special Education, Job Training, and Music programs should not be left behind as we strengthen and reform our education system.

Every child should have the support and encouragement to attend college. But those who do not must be trained with marketable skills to find a good job.

When elected your issues are my priority within San Bernardino County.

I respectfully ask for the people of our county to support my candidacy.

Please join me on FaceBook to hear more about what I plan to do for the children of our county. www.facebook.com/jacksonca

Jackson is endorsed by the following:

Barbara McGee
Rialto City  Clerk

Rikke Van Johnson
San Bernardino City Council

Deborah Robertson
Rialto City Council

Joanne Gilbert
Rialto School Board

John Futch
San Bernardino
Community College District

Raymond Delgado
Rialto Science Teacher

Christine Marquez
San Bernardino Teacher

Lloyd Sheppard
Rialto Math Teacher

Roy Rogers
San Bernardino English Teacher

Ernest Rhone IV
Rialto Master Teacher

Past Cal State San Bernardino
Student Body Presidents:
Erik Fallis
Anthony Conley

Partial list

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